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we ask paris-based stylist catherine baba what she's inspired by, right now.

visit paris and at some point you may catch a glimpse of a particularly glamorous woman riding a bike. that would be australian stylist catherine baba.

her decadent mix of 1920s and 1970s glamour (think kimonos, draped dresses and shoulder-duster earrings  in vibrant hues and rich textures) stands out in a crowd of head-to-toe noir. so do the high heels she effortlessly cycles in. so we asked her what she's loving, right now:

today i'm wearing..."a turban, kimono, bodysuit and leggings; a blue mink pouch, bottle green suede gloves, a  men's silk scarf, sunglasses and a vintage mink cape."

i love color. right now i… "j’adore purples with reds, ox blood and deep bright bullet blue, with a spritz of citric yellow."

in my closet i constantly reach for..."my silk pyjamas."

10 things i can never live without are..."a turban, hat, cape, catsuit, heels, red lipstick, love, peace, beauty, and a bicycle."