can two old friends each have utterly original style-even when
they're (inadvertently) wearing exactly the same thing? miss piggy and zosia mamet,
sharing an elevator on its way to the top of the empire state building, find out...

here's how they give it a twist:

1. start with something sweet

  • polka dot faux fur coat
  • blot dot silk bow dress
  • embellished bow a-line dress

2. add a bag to stash extra accessories

  • skyline way violina
  • cameron street glitter small byrdie
  • cameron street lane

3. pick your dancing shoes

  • june heels
  • carmelina flats
  • abigail heels

4. and an extra-glam touch or two

  • jumper
  • alora polarized sunglasses
  • what a gem brilliant cut ring

5. ta da!