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Kate Spade,Spring Time Dot Ruched Dress,Ponderosa Red
£315 £425(25%)
Kate Spade,Dotty Floral Flounce Dress,French Navy
Kate Spade,Floral Embellished Sweater,French Navy
Kate Spade,Floral Stripe Dress,Cream/French Navy
£315 £425(25%)
Kate Spade,Pearl Collar Sweater,Cosmic Zen
£265 £375(29%)
Kate Spade,Dotty Floral Faille Dress,French Navy
Kate Spade,Festive Stripe Shirt,Ponderosa Red/Fresh
£185 £265(30%)
Kate Spade,Awning Stripe Pants,French Navy
£205 £295(30%)
£385 £525(26%)
£299 £375(20%)


To Paddington, Please!

Discover all the kate spade new york sparkly stuff in one sweet setting. Our new London jewellery store arrives soon.

£195 £245(20%)
£265 £350(24%)

a wardrobe is an ever-evolving thing. from casual clothing to professional knitwear, here you will find easy dresses, jeans , feminine tops, fluid skirts, and comfy knitwear
— an edited selection of women's designer clothing to fill in the missing pieces in your wardrobe.


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